One of the best learning experiences till date. Got to learn a lot more than I signed up for - Not only about Tea but also about different cultures, economy in general, traveling solo, local cuisine & language, life in hills, role of patience and nature in brewing the best life for humans!

Masoom Jain

It was amazing since the plantations to the tasting. So many details about tea culture that I was ignoring. Now each cup of tea has a different taste after this experience.

Adriana Garcia

I am very happy to take part in the Project and enjoyed the excursions to the tea plantations very much. It was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. This project helped me to get success in my own little tea business.

Marina Gubina

Asian School of Tea provides artistic education about tea. The Knowledge that they provide are very informative. Smiling faces of staffs and enjoyable time. Thank you Asian school of Tea!

Furkan Işbilen

From a tea lover and collector to a tea sommelier: It was a huge step for my career. And Asian School Of Tea gave me the perfect platform to follow my passion. Filled with knowledgable people who treat you like family and make you learn from the best of tea gardens. Getting a first hand experience from the presence of tea bushes in the high mountains would never be brought by other schools. I'm honored to be part of same and would love to explore with you guys. Thank you Asian School Of Tea for making me fall in love with tea again.

Neeti Yadav

I decided to attend this course because of their mission. I enjoyed the tea journey with AST in Darjeeling (World’s Champagne of tea) & Sikkim so much. Learning from the origin & real culture, I truly experienced tea knowledge. Founders, staff and local tea producers were so friendly and hospitable.

Wongduan Wangviwat

It was a great learning and an unforgettable experience. It was very informative. Each cup of tea has a different taste after this experience.

Mousumi Sharma

From the first thrill of seeing the green carpets of tea bushes to pluckers in the tea gardens, from visiting boutique tea gardens to a tea processing factory in the mountains of Sikkim, the course information and personal experience provided by AST was excellent, exceeding all of our expectations. Thank you AST! We fondly remember our time in Darjeeling and Sikkim with you. Anthea is still smiling!

Alex & Anthea Brockbank

It was a fantastic experience attending the Tea Sommelier Program by the Asian School of Tea. Souvik is a wonderfully patient teacher and I look forward to also working with him in the future!

Anmol Chandhok

It was a wonderful experience. Got more knowledge about the types of tea and grade and also got a chance to get explore the exotic types of tea.

Nikhil Shah

It was a great learning and an amazing experience. I would say
“ A great journey towards your dreams” accompanied by a great knowledgeable educator.. well planned and designed educational tour by the Asian School of Tea

Tushar Patil

Exploring the sophisticated world
of tea from a master's lens has been a truly enriching experience.
A very well-thought-through combination of theory and practice in unraveling the intricacies in the pluck to sip journey.

Mini Monesh

It was an absolute delight to
have attended the Tea Sommelier program. From the theoretical training to the practical training, we covered multiple aspects,
right from the tea plant to the tea processing. Grateful to the teachers and team for presenting this course so flawlessly. It's been a privilege.

Arjun Chopra

The Tea Sommelier Course was a well crafted one for Tea Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs and
Sensory Analysts. So detailed, well-organized, practical hands-
on experience with visits to tea
gardens and factories, making
your own tea blends, a lot of history, trivia, science behind this common beverage that revealed so much about the 'business of tea'. I'm grateful to Souvik Nandy for introducing me to this amazing
world of brewing and many thanks
to the Asian School of Tea to design a course like this. I'm sure this learning will help me grow, diversify and innovate into teas in the future.

Candice Midde

It was a great learning and an amazing experience. “First step towards my dreams” accompanied by a great, knowledgeable tea trainer Mr. Souvik Nandy. Thanks for everything.

J.K. Sharma