Health Benefits of Consuming Tea

Tea is one of the most favourite drinks in the world. It is also becoming one of the most consumed beverages. It is a very varied drink, it is also extremely healthy when consumed on a regular basis. Many people understand the health benefits of this drink, including Chinese cultures, Japanese cultures, Europeans, Taiwanese and African cultures. Most fitness enthusiasts have recently begun to understand the health benefits of tea consumption and the fact that drinking tea or consuming tea in other forms can be one of the most beneficial things that you can do in order to keep your body healthy.

Indians have a strange relationship with tea which can be dated to years back. It is probably the most popular and widely served beverage in the country equally enjoyed by people from all strata. Serving morning and evening tea is more of a ritual in most families.

In this article, we are taking you through some of the points where we will be looking at the benefits of having tea daily.

Why is tea so healthy and beneficial?

Most of the health benefits of tea come from EGCG present in tea, which is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant. Antioxidants present in tea, especially green tea, work to rid your body of any harmful free radicals, which can damage the cells in your body, reducing your lifespan and causing other severe illnesses like cancer.

Free radicals are responsible for many of the effects of ageing, and the ageing process can, therefore, be slowed down by EGCG and tea. The EGCG present in tea can also help in speeding up your metabolism, giving your body a better sense of well-being and making it easier for you to lose weight as well as remain healthy over time.

Because of the health benefits, there is no greater health drink that you can consume not only to keep you healthy but also prevent and cure some illnesses.

Varieties of Tea

A variety of teas come from the same plant. They are classified based on their oxidation process and other characteristics:

  1. Black tea
  2. Green tea
  3. Oolong tea
  4. White tea
  5. Puerh Tea
  6. Yellow tea

Although all the above-mentioned variants are highly beneficial upon regular consumption, Green tea is different. It is because it does not undergo the oxidation process and therefore still contains the EGCG.

Green Tea

Green tea is quickly sweeping the nation because the health benefits are overwhelming. Green tea is widely known for providing a number of health benefits, including anti-ageing properties, the elimination of free radicals, weight loss benefits and many other advantages.

The benefits of drinking green tea include fighting bacteria, fighting infection, repairing your immune system, preventing cardiovascular disease, helping in weight loss and much more.

Health benefits of consuming tea:

All forms of tea offer their own unique set of health benefits, so drinking any of them will be beneficial to your health and well-being.

  1. Black tea, for example, helps in reducing bad cholesterol and has been linked to healing blood cells. Also, it contributes to good heart health.
  1. Oolong, which is only partially fermented, offers a mix of the benefits associated with green, and those associated with the black one.
  1. Black, Oolong and green tea all offer benefits, which make them an excellent addition to your diet. If you can incorporate them into your diet on a daily basis, then you can benefit long term from the antioxidants that these forms of tea are rich in.

The health benefits are numerous and make it well worth adding to your diet if you want to maintain good health for a long time.

All are acquainted with the rich history and drinking customs of global beverage tea. This has been typically considered as the best thing which prolongs short human life by giving a boost to a weak immunity system. Different studies conducted in worldwide universities and research centres have stated that drinking tea twice a day or even a week can reduce the risks of getting cardiac arrest or stroke.

In fact, Japanese monks treated a cup that cheers as a life span booster which was probably imported from the Chinese traditions. You will find here the great benefits of drinking this brew so that you can get a reason to take this beverage on a regular basis.

It should be noted here that the latest scientific studies have focused around the benefits of some special varieties such as oolong, white, black and green. So, it does not matter which one is tastier to your tongue, it will definitely add to health benefits!

Here are a few very important benefits of regular tea consumption:

Protection against heart stroke and attack

Heart attacks and stroke are often caused by the blood clots formed due to blood platelets and cholesterol. Lower risks of heart attacks have been predicted in recent studies for tea lovers as the leaf ingredients keep arteries and veins smooth- clog-free and vibrant.

Immunity booster

Infection in the human body can be easily eliminated with the heightened immunity parameters which can be readily achieved with drinking a cup of tea.

Get plenty of antioxidants

Health properties can be generally and even specifically attributed to the presence of higher levels of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols and phytochemicals. So, drinking a cup can protect your body from plenty of health ailments and diseases like cancer.

Build strength against free radicals

Our body is naturally made to fight against the harmful free radicals which can potentially damage the body DNA. Take a cup of tea daily and it will be capable of destroying the maximum amount of free radicals as it has been tested for higher levels of ORAC or oxygen radical absorbance capacity.

Helpful in Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes

The risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes can be effectively lowered if you drink this hot beverage on a regular basis. Tea is greatly found to be active in suppressing the levels of blood sugars.

Cholesterol and blood pressure control

Flavonoids available as the major ingredients can effectively fight against the LDL or bad cholesterol so as to keep a check on higher cholesterol levels. At the same time, flavonoids will keep your body protected from blood clotting and artery hardening. High blood pressure is also controlled by the ingredients.

Body hydration

Even though tea contains caffeine, it is a great way to hydrate your body, however, you should keep a control over your desire to take 5-6 cups of tea at the same time which may result in frequent urination.

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