A Week Full of Tea: Tea Sommelier Program

Tea foundations around the world provide tea education and certification programs. It is designed for individuals who are committed to tea consumption and wishing to explore the celebrated world of tea, and for those seeking foundational understanding for further study as aspiring tea experts. Learning how to cup, taste, blend and drink teas from around the world. Through intensive weekly tastings and lecture sessions, become acquainted with the terroirs and styles of all major tea types and the regional characteristics that make them so distinctive and appealing.

Tea Sommelier Program (tasting)

At Asian School of Tea, the training programs can be broadly classified into two major parts. The two-part Certified Tea Sommelier Course, usually a nine days program, contains all the educational requirements an individual needs for achieving the Certified Tea Sommelier designation, a prestigious title in the tea industry representing a notable level of tea knowledge and expertise. Registrants completing the training will be able to serve as tea sommeliers worldwide at distinguished restaurants, hotels, or tea business organizations, or start one’s own successful enterprise. Analyze the course Curriculum to gain a full understanding. • Asian School of Tea comprehensive theoretical TEA SOMMELIER COURSE (on-site) • Asian School of Tea practical IMMERSION training course The participants are picked up from the airports and made comfortable at their accommodating hotels. It is followed by Day Sessions filled with Tea Trails along Himalayan Plantations wherein the students are given an overview of Tea Cultivation. During the Evening Sessions, an Introductory Session is usually conducted where a brief of the entire program is provided. Registrants are free to raise their queries or even share their experiences. It is more of an Interactive Session regarding the Basics of Tea rather than a classroom session. The event is brought to an end with a refreshing Tea Party. The program is beautifully designed for and will benefit: tea business organizations, café and restaurant owners and managers, chefs and caterers, tea aficionados, industry suppliers, and also any individuals who wish to incorporate tea mastery skills into their usual boring daily lives or current profession, as well as everyone who are seriously interested in a career as a tea sommelier or tea master. The attraction of the entire program is that you can be operating as a tea sommelier following the first day of training with all the instruments, confidence, and support you would be needing. The tea sommelier curriculum has been designed to ensure that your experience as a new tea sommelier is filled with all the knowledge, experience, and support needed to start serving in your role immediately. The following 8-days are focused on integrating and detailing what you learned during the initial orientation training as you learn to consciously build your accelerating practice as a tea sommelier.

Tea Sommelier Program (plantation training)

The program consists of two parts: Part 1. Asian School of Tea comprehensive theoretical TEA SOMMELIER COURSE (on-site) Once the course commences, you will be totally immersed in a different and intense environment of structured learning and training, along with real-life practice sessions preparing and serving various variety teas. See Schedule for training locations, dates, and details. This is a great way to get begin serving as a tea sommelier. You receive all the core skills, structures, tasting protocols, philosophy, and first-hand experience, all at one time.

Part 2. Asian School of Tea practical IMMERSION training course The 9-Day Asian School of Tea TEA SOMMELIER PROGRAM is more of practical learning than theoretical sessions. Registrants will be visiting the tea plantations and learning about the different varieties of tea. The registrants will be taking part in tasting and evaluation sessions with teams corresponding to each category. The tasting sessions on individual days shall cover different aspects of the testing methodology. Additionally, the participants shall undergo an Olfactory Training with various kinds of aromas. This is done in order to equip the students with a stronger grasp of sensory evaluation. Registrants are provided with a copy of the Asian School of Tea COMPREHENSIVE manual of Tasting Terminology. Before the completion of the TEA SOMMELIER PROGRAM, registrants will taste and evaluate a Mystery Tea. The program culminates with the felicitation ceremony.

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