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Our Tea Sommelier Program is a vivid course on the fundamentals of tea. It encompasses knowledge about conventional teas (Camellia sinensis) as well as herbal teas/tisanes.

It is a 8 nights / 9 days program. The entire training shall be conducted in the tea plantations in Darjeeling

Our Tea Sommelier Program comes in 2 parts:-

Theoretical training

It includes classroom training to cover multiple topics on tea starting from the basics of tea cultivation to tea processing, blending, brewing and various other aspects related to tea.

Practical training

It includes visit to the tea plantations in Darjeeling for real time demonstration of tea cultivation, organic farming, plucking, processing and quality control measures.

Program Schedule


Day 1 :- Arrival at Bagdogra Airport

1Transfer From Airport to Hotel. Check-in to Hotel.


Day 2 :- Induction Ceremony

3Day Session

Tea Trails Along Himalayan Plantations. Overview of Darjeeling Tea Cultivation.

Evening Session

  •  Introductory Session.
  •  Interactive Session Regarding the Basics of Tea.
  •  Tea Party.


Day 3


Day Session

Interactive Session With Tea Farmers. Visit to Tea Plantation for Elaborate Demonstration of Tea Plucking.

Evening Session

Module 1a :- Introduction to Tea in India & Nepal

  • Tea Bush (Camellia Sinensis)
  • History of Tea in India
  • Tea Culture in India

Module 1b:- Introduction to Tea in Taiwan

  • History of Tea in Taiwan
  • Tea Culture in Taiwan Tea Tasting Session

    (90 – 120 Minutes)


Day 4

4Day Session

Visit to Tea Factory for Demonstration of Tea Processing.

Evening Session

Module 2a :- Classification of Indian & Nepalese Teas

  • Basic Categories of Tea – Black, Green, Oolong, White
  • Gradation of Tea – Whole Leaf, Brokens, Fannings, Dust

Module 2 B:- Introduction to Taiwanese Teas

  • Basic Taiwanese Categories of Teas – Red, Green, Oolong
  • Taiwanese Tea Varietals
Includes Special Teas Tea Tasting Session 

(90 – 120 Minutes)


Day 5

10Day Session

Bio-dynamic Methods of Tea Cultivation.

Evening Session

Module 3a :- Tea Terroirs in India & Nepal. Health Benefits of Tea

  • Tea Terroirs in India (Darjeeling, Assam, Dooars & Nilgiri) and Nepal. The Characteristics of Teas From the Respective Regions
  • Tea and Its Medicinal Benefits

Module 3 B:- Tea Terroirs in Taiwan

  • Taiwanese Most Important Terroirs the Characteristics of Tea From the Respective Regions
Includes Special Taiwan Teas Tea Tasting Session 

(90 – 120 Minutes)


Day 6

9Module 4 :- Beyond Conventional Tea

  • Blending
  • Flavoring
  • Herbal Teas/tisanes
  • Recipes With Tea
  • High Tea Party (Afternoon Tea Etiquette)


Day 7

11 Transfer to Darjeeling Town. Check-in to Hotel. Cable Car Ride Over Tea Plantations. Visit to Tea Lounge.


Day 8

12Visit to Himalayan Mountaineering Institute & Himalayan Zoo. Distribution of Certificates.dinner Party.


Day 9

6Check-out From Hotel. Transfer From Darjeeling to Bagdogra Airport. Visit to Batasia Loop View Point on the Way.

Program Costs


What We Provide

  • All domestic transportation and local conveyance
  • Accommodation and Breakfast for 8 nights 9 days
  • Tuition fees
  • Study Materials
  • Visit to tea plantation
  • Visit to tea processing factory
  • Visit to Darjeeling town
  • Food for Days 2, 6 (Tea Party) and 8.

What We Don't

  • Flight fare from the home country of the individuals to Bagdogra, India and return to home country for the participating individuals.
  • Visa charges
  • Food (except for the mentioned days)